Basics of Bail Bonds and Surety Bonds – Attorney Newsletter

it is essential to understand what bail means. A bail is an interim option that is offered for a person facing an upcoming trial before a judge. A judge grants bail upon the assumption that an defendant is innocent until proven innocent. When bail is posted for bail, it’s under the expectation that they’ll be present on their scheduled court date. In most cases, the person convicted does lack the cash to make bail. This is when a bail bond becomes necessary.

Bail bonds are a form of guarantee. A bail bond is backed by a bondsman who charges the defendant an amount as a guarantee of repayment. If the defendant fails to make it to the court, bail bondsmen will provide written agreements for the criminal courts that they will pay full bail. In return for their services, most bail bonds agents will charge 10% of bail. Agents may ask for the declaration of creditworthiness of defendants or require collateral.

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