How to Measure Neoprene O-Rings – Discovery Videos

Rockets. These seals are most commonly utilized all over the world.

If you’re in the market to replace an o-ring you’ll need to know its size to find the perfect replacement. To figure out the appropriate size, you’ll need to determine the size of the o-ring you have previously purchased. If the o-ring has been damaged or stretched, this should allow you to determine the proper dimensions.

Begin by placing the o-ring flatly on some surface. Then, you can measure the inner diameter of the ring using a measuring tool. The cross-section or width of the rubber ring.

Two measurements should provide enough information to get going. A majority of sizes for o-rings are presented in terms of cross-section x inner dimension. As an example, if your outer dimension is 10mm, and the outer dimension is 2mm, the size you require is 10mm x 2mm.

Additionally, you may require an outer dimension. To determine this, apply the formula of inner dimension + (2 x cross-section). It would give 10 + (2×2) (which could give you 14mm, which is the outer dimension.

It is an easy process, make sure that you use the proper O-ring that is suitable for your application. If you’re unsure or concerns, don’t hesitate to call O-ring manufacturers.


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