Dirty Epoxy Custom Countertops – Home Improvement Videos

There are a variety of options available to consumers if they want to get an entirely different look of their kitchen countertops.

One method is called dirty pour. This is where artists use dirty epoxy to create a custom design. There are endless possibilities with dirty pour. The user has the choice to mix and match the colors so as to create an individual countertop that is not available anywhere else. There are a few rules to keep in mind in order to ensure the work comes out as gorgeous as you would like it to be.

It is good to draw a line in the middle of the table in order to determine the pattern’s direction. It keeps the flow of the project fresh throughout the do their work. At the beginning of the flow, it must be lined the closest possible distance to the edge of the countertop. The epoxy needs to be put in quickly as much as is possible. After the colors have been mixed It is important not to allow them to sit too long. After the product is mixed, it is necessary to start the lining and pouring.

If you watch the tutorial, creating your own epoxy countertops is a breeze. These steps can help you make the countertop of your dreams.


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