How Are Wheels Powder Coated? – Car Stereo Wiring

In order to verify the operation of your tires To verify their operation, take the wheels off your tires.

The wheel is then immersed in the strip tank which removes the previous finishing. It removes the metallic material and restores the wheel back to its metal-free state. The wheels usually remain in the tank for between two and four hours before they are power washed.

It’s time to restore the damage. The shot blaster runs the wheels all scrapes and scratches are cleaned away. Once the wheels have been prepared properly, they can be powder-coated.

To warm the wheels, lay them out and then put them in an oven for 32 minutes. After this time, they are taken off, and dry powder is applied. The dry powder bonds to the surface of the wheel using an adhesive charged with positive charge. It then goes back into the oven and baked for an additional 16 minutes.

This process is repeated so there are 2 coats of powder. Then metallic paint is laid lightly over this powder coating. The final coat is a lacquer for the powder coat to finish the wheel.

Check out the video below to find out more about powder coating!


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