What Exactly is Solar Power? – Boston Equator

You can make use of it to create more sustainable fuel.

It is true that the sun generates energy through solar panels is an easy one. Sun also generates the majority of energy for the creation of wind, hydro, and fossil fuels, too!

The sun is a gigantic globe of gasses that flaming and produce an astonishing quantity of energy. Both light and heat constitute solar energy. If we could harness all of the energy from the sun that is able to reach the surface of earth, we could continuously run an entire television on each square meter on the earth’s surface and have enough energy.

Fossil fuels could be exhausted and cause damage to the environment. For another 5 billion years it is unlikely that the sun will run out. The hydro and wind don’t compare. The solar energy field has enormous possibilities.

Solar panels make use of the energy from solar radiation. Additionally, concentrated solar energy can be utilized. Numerous thousands of mirrors serve to reflect light to an observation tower that uses heat to generate electricity and steam. The promising technology, however still aren’t fully ready for usage.

More details are available in the video.


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