What You Should Know for Setting up a Commercial Kitchen – EDUCATION WEBSITE


cook, store, and serve food. You can find it in schools, restaurants, hospitals and food trucks. As per the local health department regulations, commercial kitchens must be installed. For more information, see the below video.

The kitchen must be tidy and neat so that it is easy to work in. Before starting any projects or equipment purchased, it’s essential to design the layout. Also, it is important to make sure that the area is well ventilated , and that any equipment used there will not present any risks to the staff working there. Here are two things one needs to know before creating a commercial kitchen.

Which kind of business is it? Are they seeking clients who can order direct from their menu? If so, they may require multiple ovens or burners according to how many orders are processed during peak hours. What is the space one has available? This is a way to determine if one requires counters on top of floors or just enough room between them so they won’t hinder their work while they are working. Get in touch with home to find out more about this issue.

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