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urers. Certain cars might not need oil changes for many years If you don’t follow certain maintenance procedures. There is a chance that your oil hasn’t been changed or you haven’t done regular maintenance. To avoid costly repair costs, make sure you change your oil once every three months.

If your car is not doing the following things then you should wait 10 to 10.000 miles or more before changing the oil.

Auto Glass Repairs

Auto glass repairs can be costly. Low-income families can be pushed to the brink of poverty with just one costly repair.

Wheels for Work aids low-income individuals with the repair of auto glass.

Volunteers can work as temporary employees on the shop floor or contribute financially. There are low-income auto glass repair services around your location by checking the wheels entry that is statewide for work. Find an auto repair service in your area and contact them to schedule an appointment.

The most common services they’re in need of assistance for are taking out broken car glass, replacing auto glass, tinting windows for cars, as well as smaller bodywork like scratch repairs or scratch removal.

Minimal Bodywork

There are many who find it hard to make a living and have a family. A few people have found ways to manage both by moving from one place from one to the other or holding multiple full-time jobs but still needing their car for errands and transportation. It is essential to have a vehicle for those with low incomes. For those who want to drive, but don’t want to invest in the high fixed costs of oil and insurance wheel for work could prove to be a good alternative. To make it easier for drivers to commute to work Wheels for Work provides auto repair for no cost.

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