Which Ethernet Cable Should You Buy and Use? – Daily Objectivist

There’s confusion on the factors that make a difference, and what should be bought. Different numbers signify the specifications and requirements, which range from five categories, 5e, 6, 6a, and 7. They all use RJ45 connectors. The Cat5 cables can be utilized to transmit 100 Mbits per 100m at a the bandwidth up to 100MHz. They are a bit outdated, and you might have to upgrade them in order to increase your speed on the internet. Cat5e is the next option (enhanced), a very popular option. It’s rated at as high as 1000 Mbps over 100 meters and a speed of 100 Mhz. They offer less crosstalk and higher speeds for network connections.

In category 6 cables, we are able to achieve rates of 10Gbps in 55m with 250MHz of bandwidth. Interference is greatly reduced in the case of using more tense wire pairs. This can be observed in the performance. The Cat6a cable is capable of handling speeds of up to 10Gbps in 100m with a bandwidth up to 500 MHz. This cable is ideal for creating 10 gigabit networks. Category 7 is certified for high-speed 10Gbps and 600 MHz of bandwidth. Each wire is individually shielded.


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