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These toxic elements can lead to health issues. While advances on IT and networking technology can benefit the society, they have created an increase in electronics waste. Equipment that is no longer utilized will quickly become obsolete. This is because of not enough recycling efforts.

This requires the establishment of successful recycling processes. It is estimated by the United Nations estimates that electronic waste could reach 61 tonnes by 2023. It’s important to realize that recycling is the ideal alternative for people and the environment. The U.S has the lead in the field of E-waste recycling through statutes and laws. Today, 25 states mandate recycling of electronic waste for large and medium-sized product makers. They require companies to take on the cost of recycling. The goal is to enable large-scale manufacturing where used equipment dealers are able to ship electronic waste back to manufacturers to be recycled.

E-waste is also used in different ways. Artists around the world have been using diverse materials in their creations. The practice has been in use since a time. The practice has been around for a while.

What Artists Do to Create Masterpieces Out of E-waste

The purpose of electronic waste art is that it provides an avenue for recycling. Numerous artists produce art out of electronics that are discarded. The masterpieces are made up of various electronic elements, ranging from intricate in toy cars to common household appliances. It is the idea behind creating meaningful artwork from electronic waste and encourage ingenuity in the recycling process.

While most people don’t see worth in disposing of electronic junk, artists see the potential for the creative arts. The primary components of artistic expression are technology devices like old computer systems, the discarded phone.


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