Pros and Cons of Hormone Treatment at Therapy Clinics During Menopause – News Articles About Health

The experience can be overwhelming and debilitating for females, regardless of medical history. However, there are alternatives for women to manage the impact on women, like menopausal estrogen treatment clinics that offer various treatments.

There are both risks and benefits of hormone therapy. It is essential that all females consult their trusted physicians before starting any type of treatment with hormones. The factors to be considered include age of the patient, underlying health, the nature of her condition, and the financial cost.

A benefit of hormone therapy is that it can help with issues like hot flashes, night sweats as well as vulva vaginal issues. A long-term treatment with oral systemic estrogen can also prevent fractures.

Equally important is to consider the potential risks associated with any medical prescriptions. The risk of blood clots is high within the lungs, legs and even the brain due to orally administered systemic estrogen therapy. These risks are usually rare particularly in women who are under sixty or within 10 years of starting menopausal symptoms.

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