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Training times can be different for each. Pilots may also be able to learn new skills or increase their existing skills. The CE-525 Training can grant the opportunity to earn the Pilot in Command Type Rating which can be added to your license. You can start your pilot training by watching the Citation 500 Series video, Cockpit Preflight Settingup. It covers prior configurations, inspections prior to flight, and more.

A majority of the initial instruction in Citation 525 centers on aircraft performance and procedures. The students are taught with a method that allows they to acquire the understanding and skills to operate through both emergency and routine protocols. The training improves the rating and skills of pilots.

The course CE-525 is designed for pilots who want to improve their rating as a Pilot in Command. The courses are often flexible in that schedules and classes can be based on previous pilot training or flight experience. Pilots can also choose to train as a single pilot, i.e., CE-525S. It is a great method to build a solid foundation. Initial training runs for 12 days. 1swra5b26l.

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