The Role of a Respiratory Therapist – Health and Fitness Magazine

Ole is involved in helping patients as this video guides one through the daily tasks. The job of a respiratory therapist to diagnose and treat patients suffering from breathing disorders as well as other issues. These therapists assist patients with chronic conditions and people that have experienced the trauma of surgery or have suffered from trauma.
The respiratory therapist helps in managing patient care in addition to managing medical equipment used during procedures and tests that are related to the lungs and airways. The job will require you to be in various environments and work with patients suffering from various illnesses or injuries. Most respiratory therapists work in medical clinics or hospitals. However, some travel may be required for training as well as when they treat patients at their home.
The respiratory therapist is accountable for diagnosing and treating the patients. They also give oxygen therapy and suction airways. The patients are then provided with exercises to improve their breathing. The respiratory therapist also teaches parents and caregivers on how to look after patients. The respiratory therapists are trained in the administration of treatments and other strategies that will improve the patient’s standard of living.
Most respiratory therapists work in close cooperation with physicians as well as nurses, physical therapists and physicians. Subject to the area of expertise, they may be assigned to different parts in the medical facility. ptvtifp15h.

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