3 Uncommon Facts On Estate Planning Services – eclwa.org

There are a variety of options for you when planning your estate. You can use the trust or will. They serve as your post-death plan outline.

An estate planning attorney gives legal advice regarding wills and trusts. They explain how they are used to secure one’s assets. It is essential to make sure that you hire a trustworthy and credible professional to plan your estate.

Three main facts should be considered in the process of evaluating the estate planning options. Power of attorney letter of intent, and the durable power of attorney.

A healthcare power of attorney lets another person make health decisions in the event of incapacitation. The majority of them are family member.

A letter of intent states how the individual would like a particular asset used in case of death or incapacitation.

A power of attorney document confers on an agent, or an individual the authority to act for someone else in the event of death or incapacity. v5a32lzrmv.

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