The Top H-2B Visa Application Tips for 2023 – Legal Magazine

In accordance with the US Department of Labor the H-2B programme allows employers to employ temporary workers for other tasks or to provide services. The H-2B visa is different over the H-2A program, in that it is designed for agricultural workers, and the H-1 visa can be used for migrants. Processing firms for H2B visas are expected to be busy in the coming years.

Apply before the deadline! Seasonal employment applicants under the H-2B visa by 2022 were able to get more visas than they had before September 12 for the month of October, which was the first they’ve ever had. The final day to apply for a visa to work in the cycle of October in 2022 to be assured of a spot in the year-end work cycle was during the third week of July.

Pay attention to timing issues! The October deadline is getting much more urgent because the number of new Department of Labor employees. Visas will need additional support from legal counsel in order to be processed. Make sure you have a great package in case you’re a first-time applicant. One of the biggest mistakes that employers make is to mention a lack of employees and the COVID-19 epidemic in their applications. It will prompt the DoL to withdraw your application at once.


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